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How it works

Identify a bot

The first step to submitting a bot is to identify it. This can be done by monitoring your advertising campaigns and looking for suspicious activity, such as unusual click patterns, irrelevant traffic, or low engagement rates.

As soon as you have identified the bot, please take note of its characteristics, such as its IP address, browser type, and user agent.

Report a bot

Once you have identified the bot and gathered evidence, it's time to submit it for review. Depending on the platform, this can be done through a dedicated reporting tool, customer support, or by reaching out to your account manager.

Be sure to provide a detailed description of the bot's activity that will help us to identify the bot. Once submitted, we will investigate the bot and take appropriate actions, such as blocking traffic sources or suspending the publisher.

Get a reward

Once the bot has been confirmed and action has been taken by the platform, you may be eligible for a reward. The amount and type of reward may vary depending on the ad platform and their policies.

Some platforms may offer a monetary reward, while others may provide credits or discounts for future ad campaigns. Be sure to check the platform's terms and conditions to understand their reward policy. If you are eligible for a reward, the ad platform will typically notify you and provide instructions on how to claim it.

Ad Fraud Warriors: Uniting for Transparency, Together We Can Defeat the Bots!

Supported Ad Platforms

The supported advertising platforms that offer rewards and compensations for detecting invalid traffic:

Frequently Asked Questions

STOP BOTS is a platform dedicated to fighting ad fraud. Users can report ad bots found on major advertising platforms and earn rewards. Simply submit information about the bot, and if your report is valid, you'll receive rewards as a token of appreciation.

The rewards for reporting ad bots vary and may include ad credits, discounts, or other incentives. The exact rewards will depend on the specific partnerships and arrangements we have in place.

STOP BOTS accepts reports of ad bots from all major advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, PPCmate Ads, and more. We encourage users to report bots from any platform they encounter.

Yes, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of user information. Any data you provide during the reporting process is treated with utmost care and used solely for the purpose of investigating and eliminating ad fraud.

Each platform's rewards may have specific eligibility criteria and limitations, which are outlined on the rewards page. These criteria may include factors such as the severity of the reported bot, the validity of the report, and adherence to platform guidelines. We encourage you to review the details for each platform to understand any specific requirements.

Once you have successfully reported an ad bot on a specific platform, follow the instructions provided on the rewards page to claim your rewards. The process typically involves submitting proof of your report and relevant details to our team for verification. Upon verification, you will receive the specified rewards.